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Our veterans are meant to return to us with heightened strength and newfound confidence. It’s no secret that veterans are more likely to extend a helping hand to their communities and people in need. As leaders in society, they help maintain peaceful environments so that we may continue living our comfortable lives. At Anderson & Graham LLC, we make it our goal to provide veterans with the high-standard legal services they need. Our veteran law attorneys work tirelessly to provide the support needed every step of the way.

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Veteran Law issues encompass the following:

  • VA Disability Compensation Applications and Appeals
  • VA Healthcare Issues (enrollment, wage garnishment)
  • VA Benefits Appeals (Pension, TDIU, DIC)
  • VA Character of Discharge Determinations for Other Than Honorable discharges
  • Department of Defense (DoD) Discharge Upgrades
  • DoD Applications for changes to military records
  • DoD Applications for military retirement
  • DoD Applications for a change in narrative reason for separation on a DD214

Transparent Pricing

We do not charge up-front costs for appeals relating to VA disability or pension compensation but charge 20% of any retroactive pay the Veteran receives as a result of their appeal. This pay is received directly from the VA, so there is no hassle with billing. Per statute, we cannot charge for assistance with the filing of an initial claim. For DoD applications related to discharge upgrades or other DD214 corrections, the attorney will work directly with the Veteran to come up with a cost that suits their financial needs. Over the years, Anderson & Graham LLC has made it our goal to provide exemplary service. We are here to provide full support and help you navigate the legal obstacles you may face.

Our Veteran Law Experience

Although most people have not heard of Veteran Law, it is a complicated area of law that impacts millions of Veterans. Our veteran law attorneys have extensive experience handling hundreds of claim appeals. We ensure that our Veterans overcome the overly long bureaucratic process and get the benefits they deserve. Our firm can help gather the evidence, request medical opinions, and write legal briefs that help support your claims to minimize the chance of denial. Contact us today for your free consultation!


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