Tiffanie M. Graham
Co-Founder and Partner

Tiffanie M. Graham is a Colorado native and U.S. Air Force Veteran. After serving six years as a Korean linguist, Tiffanie dove head first into a law career.

Tiffanie attended law school at the Denver University Sturm College of Law. During school, Tiffanie completed several fellowships involving corporate law, veterans law, and family and probate law.

After graduating, Tiffanie was selected to be a prestigious Equal Justice Works Fellow (www.equaljusticeworks.org/fellows) working for the University of Denver’s Veteran’s Advocacy Project.

In addition to her firm work, she currently works as a volunteer attorney for Wyoming’s access to equal justice program – Equal Justice Wyoming. It is through this work that Tiffanie realized the importance of affordable legal services. She saw the disgrace in charging clients thousands of dollars for minimal work. The lack of legal resources was upsetting and she decided to do something about it.

Thus, Anderson Graham was born!

Among other areas of civil law, Tiffanie works extensively in the area of Veteran Law- helping Veterans get the disability compensation to which they are entitled. Tiffanie is a VA-accredited attorney. As a Veteran, Tiffanie understands Veteran-specific needs and brings that nuanced perspective into her work. That is what makes Anderson Graham the best solution for her clients.

In addition to her family and friends, Tiffanie puts a high value on experience and adventure. In this way, Tiffanie embodies the spirit of Colorado as she loves snowboarding, skiing, cycling, hiking, and camping. Throughout the years, Tiffanie has competed in several different sports and participated in a wide variety of activities. As an athlete, Tiffanie was a state-ranked gymnast, mountain biker, and powerlifter. As a snowboarder, Tiffanie was ranked nationally in the rail jam category as part of the USA Snowboarding Association. As a musician, Tiffanie performed internationally as a French Hornist. Currently, she enjoys dabbling in the fiddle, piano, and bass with her husband and son in a family band.

As a dedicated adventure-seeker (and admittedly a bit of an adrenaline junky), Tiffanie brings an exceptional level of enthusiasm and dedication to her work.

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University of Denver
Sturm College of Law
Juris Doctor

University of Maryland,
University College
B.A. Asian Studies

Defense Language Institute
A.A. Korean Language